My Logbook User Guide


First Time Usage

The first time you use My Logbook it will guide you through four welcome screens to set up initial preferences.

Welcome ScreenWeclome Screen 2: Setup initial mileageWelcome Screen 3: Setup automatic trip detectionWelcome Screen 4: Setup car audio detection

My Logbook will guide you through this set up again, if you decide to delete your logbook. 

Parking Mode

My Logbook has two basic modes of operation: "parking" and "driving".

In parking mode, it will display the mileage counter with your current mileage and (if known) the address where your car is currently parking.

Main Screen: Start your trip

The parking address is actually the location where your last trip ended. If your car is located in a public car park or somewhere where no GPS or WiFi signal can be received, this will be the last position on which location data could be retrieved.

If your phone is able to determine your current position, My Logbook will show you the direction and distance to your parking location. Please not that position data is less than 10 meters accurate. So it won't guide you to your car if you are really close, but it will help you to get there once you are lost.

The automated trip start indicator "ATS" turns green if automatic trips starts are enabled. In this case My Logbook will monitor your location in a battery friendly way and will start recording once you move away from your parking location. In order to preserve battery life, this feature is not too accurate. While in worst case it may take up to 5 minutes until it detects that you are driving, on average and in urban regions it will notice within a few hundred meters.

It seems you are driving. Trip recording started.

If My Logbook thinks that you are driving while your are actually not (e.g. because you are moving by some other means of transportation), click "Cancel" on the driving screen to clear all data for this trip. Canceling a trip will also disable automatic trip detection until you return to your parking location. The "ATS" label turns to grey while trip detection is disabled.

Driving Mode

In driving mode, My Logbook updates the mileage counter as well as the distance and duration of your trip while you are driving.

Driving mode: Mileage and duration.

Canceling a trip

If you click "Cancel" all data for this trip will be cleared and the mileage counter will be reset to the value it had before the trip started.

Cancel your trip - safety question

Ending a Trip

Once you reached your destination, click on "Stop" to officially end this trip. 

An additional screen will allow you to specify whether this trip was business related or private. You can also add a brief description (e.g. if you need to keep records about the reason of each business trip).

On this screen you may also adjust the mileage to match the one that is displayed by your car. In most cases My Logbook is able to track your mileage pretty accurately so you should not need to use this option too frequently.

Please note: while you can re-categorize the trip later, you will not be able to adjust the mileage (and distance) for this trip once you leave this screen.

End trip: enter trip type.

When you tap on the little circle on the left side of the screen, a list of suggested descriptions will open. My Logbook looks for similar trips in your trip history and tries to provide a smart guess. If you drive the same route (e.g. from home to work or from work to your main client) frequently, you will need to type in the description only once and My Logbook will pre select it the next time you go there.

End trip: choose from pre selected descriptions.

Selecting an entry from this list will replace your current description with the selected one. It will also change the type of the trip (Business or Private) to the one of the selected trip.

Viewing Your Trips

From the main screen you get here by clicking on the "list" button on the lower right of the screen.

List all trips

There are three buttons below the list:

  • Delete allows you to erase an entire logbook. This permanently removes all data for all trips and cannot be undone. Once you delete your logbook, you will be presented the welcome screen the next time you start using My Logbook to set up you initial mileage and start from scratch.
  • Refresh will try to determine missing start and end addresses for your recent trips. This is useful if you frequently end trips in a place without wireless connection (e.g. an underground garage).
  • Share will email you a CSV version of your logbook (or a binary copy to serve as a backup)

Typing on any entry will show the details of this trip.

Trip details: where have I been?

Draft entries (i.e. entries which have not been finally categorized) are displayed with a draft stamp on their background. To change the type of this trip, click on "Edit". To enlarge the map, click on "Map". Editing the trip will also clear the draft flag.

You can use a spreadsheet application (e.g. Numbers or Excel) to format and print the Reports. This image shows an example.

List all trips


In most cases the default settings should work for you. In case you want to fine tune the behavior, here is what you can change.

My Logbook's settings are available through through the settings button on the lower left of the main screen.

Settings screen

Use Automatic Trip Detection

If turned on, My Logbook will try to determine when you are driving and will start to record trips automatically. 

Look for Car Audio Device during Trip Detection

Instructs my Logbook to start trip recording only if the bluetooth device listed below is within range. This is a great feature for people who have a bluetooth audio device (a2DP) or a bluetooth headset (HFP) in their car. The device needs to be paired and connected in order to show up here. To pair the device use the settings app for your iPhone (bluetooth section). Then return to this screen (preferably) when you are in your car and the device is connected. 

For most people these settings should be all they ever need to adjust. Having that said there are some more configuration options available through settings app on your iPhone (My Logbook section).

Settings screen

Region Monitoring

If turned on, My Logbook will post a region based notification for the last known location of your car, each time you end a trip. 

This is the most power efficient way of determining when your next trip starts. The drawback is that it may not be very accurate in areas with poor cell connection. If you experience issues, you may also turn on the next option.

Significant Location Changes

Does basically the same as the previous option: detect when you are moving away from your parking location, just by different means. Significant location changes are also pretty battery efficient and sometimes more reliable than region based notifications.

Car Audio Connection and Car Audio Identifier

This option is helpful if your car is bluetooth enabled (i.e. if you are able to play music from your iPhone in your car over a bluetooth connection). In this case, turn this feature on and My Logbook will check for availability of your car's bluetooth device before starting automatic recording of a trip. This will eliminate false alarms (e.g. when you move away from your parking location but your car doesn't, My Logbook will know and will not start recording).

Local Units

Use this to choose whether you want mileage and distances to be displayed in miles or kilometers. You can safely change this at any time and My Logbook will adjust your already recorded trips accordingly.


Since a personal logbook is data which you may want to backup once in a while, here is what you can do.

Backup you iPhone

If you backup your entire phone, the My Logbook data files will be included in this backup. 

Backup your Logbook using iTunes

If you want more fine grained control over your backups or, if you want to selectively restore a previous logbook without restoring your entire iPhone, you can use iTunes to download and upload My Logbooks data file.

My Logbook stores all data in a single file "mytrips.logdb". To download this file:

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer
  • Open iTunes
  • Select your iPhone, then choose "Apps"
  • Scroll down to "File Sharing"
  • Click on "My Logbook"
  • Select the file "mytrips.logdb"
  • Klick on "Save to..." to download the file

Restore your Logbook using iTunes

To restore a previous version of your logbook, follow the above procedure. In the final step click on "Add..." (instead of "Save to...") to upload a previously saved copy of your logbook.